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If you are a thrill seeker looking for an exhilerating ride to take your breath away, then look no further than our collection of thrill and white knuckle rides. Anything from a spiralling orbitor to a reverse bungy!



Take your seat as you pilot your own supersonic jet, whizz up high into the sky or come down low to skim the land, whichever you choose.

LiftingParatroopers4 LiftingParatroopers3 LiftingParatroopers1



Fancy something a little sideways? This ride will thrill and spill you from side to side as you build up speed to go over the top. Hold on tight!

Miami4 Miami3 Miami1



Fancy being high in the air and spinning at the same time, get on an arm of our octopus ride for something crazy.

Octopus1 Octopus2 Octopus3



Dizzy cannot begin to describe the feeling of this fast-paced, twisting, spinning ride.

Orbitor3 Orbitor1 Orbitor2



If you don't fancy jumping off a bridge! Why not try something a little different? A bungy jump in reverse!

ReverseBungy1 ReverseBungy2 ReverseBungy3



Travel at high speed on the crest of a wave with fantastic music covering your screams of delight.

Superbob1 Superbob4 Superbob2



Take your seat and hold on tight as you are spun around at speed. Time for take-off as your raise upwards until you find yourself spining upside down.

ThrillDestructor1 ThrillDestructor3 ThrillDestructor2


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