Children's Rides


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Smaller children (age 2-7years) still want to have fun and these rides provide something exciting for each of them.

Our young children’s rides are simple but exciting in this age group such as: train rides, slides, toy sets and inflatables which are variations from the bouncy castle. All great for our really young visitors.



Take a walk around the Big Boot house all the way to the top for a fantastic slide down to the bottom on a colourful inflatable slide

Bigboot3 Bigboot2  Bigboot1



Get into your favourite truck or car and take your vehicle for a spin around and around.

buggys4 buggys1 buggys3



Be lifted into the air like on a ski lift for a bit of excitement at a slow speed. Great for the older age range.

ParatrooperKids1 ParatrooperKids3 ParatrooperKids2


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